Women Soldiers – Past, Present and Future

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March is Women’s History Month

How roles in the military have evolved while women work to balance professional and personal lives

Women have fought for a “seat at the table” across all sectors. Today, females are graduating at a higher rate than their male counterparts and now account for 47% of the workforce. From STEM to Capitol Hill all the way to the U.S. Army, they are making strides while marching to their own beat. 

From the first graduating class of female cadets at West Point in 1980 to the Defense Department’s 2016 decision to lift all restrictions on roles women could perform in the military, the U.S. Army is working towards inclusivity and gender equality.

In time for Women’s History Month, here is the opportunity to speak with two incredible women soldiers, Lieutenant Colonel LTC) Elizabeth Evans, who has served in the U.S. Army for 20 years and Staff Sergeant (SSG) Ruth Navarro, who joined the United States Army Reserve in 2006 as a Human Resource Specialist.

About Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Evans:  Elizabeth Evans was a tennis star, earning her place on West Point’s division I team. She majored in civil engineering before serving 8 years Active Duty and 11 in the National Guard. During her time in the National Guard, Evans was deployed multiple times to Central America, to focus on tactics addressing human trafficking and counter-narcotics.

If that weren’t enough, LTC Evans led recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma. As a small-business owner of E2 Design and Construction, Evans is currently involved in multiple damage relief projects addressing those most affected by Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida, and also does community service.

Lieutenant Colonel Evans, humanitarian, and athlete

About Staff Sergeant Ruth Navarro:  Ruth Navarro joined the United States Army Reserve in 2006 as a Human Resource Specialist. She is responsible for placing military personnel in positions that utilize their best skills. Both she and her husband are presently enlisted and balance their Army careers with parenting two small children. Navarro is also currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration on Finance while co-owner of a self-service photo studio.

Staff Sergeant Navarro, patriot, parent, and student. Ruth Navarro is bi-lingual and can provide Spanish language interviews.

This interview is provided by the United State Army