Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Which to Invest Most In – An Article

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Marketing is an essential part of business. It is what helps businesses reach new customers, maintain existing ones, and expand into new markets. It is a tool many businesses try to allocate significant parts of their yearly budget to, as it often lends to increased sales and higher profits. With the overtaking of the digital era, marketing has changed greatly, leading to more companies needing to budget for both traditional and digital marketing efforts. Check out this guide which explores traditional vs digital marketing and which to invest most in for your company.


Traditional marketing is the things that have been used as marketing methods for decades. Below are a few different popular types of traditional marketing methods.


Billboards are set along the side of busy roads so that drivers and their passengers can see them when stuck in traffic or driving by. Visuals are more important than messages in these.

Print ads

Print ads are advertisements printed out either in a publication or solo. These are distributed among potential conversions to peruse and interpret.


Pamphlets are a physical medium best distributed in the brick and mortar location of a business. These should focus on content and information while being aesthetically pleasing.


Digital marketing refers to new age methods of reaching audiences through the use of digital mediums. Below are a few of the most effective types of digital marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing can help your business through a digital platform used by the majority of adults. It’s great to inform, send discounts, highlight promotions, and do more for your customers.

Pay per click

Pay per click advertising adds visibility to your website and gets more people on it to then become customers. This is a great way to reach those looking for your services or products online. The best part about pay per click is you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Ad retargeting

Ad retargeting is a more controversial way to reach customers online. The websites you visit drop what are known as ‘cookies’ into your browser, which are used for a variety of reasons. One reason is to have the ability to show customers hyper-targeted display advertising while they’re browsing other websites.

Who benefits most from each?

While every business can benefit from just about any form of marketing, it is more effective to invest in a plan that appeals best to and reaches your target demographic. Identify the demographic that is most likely to turn into the most amount of conversions for you once exposed to your brand, services, or products, and learn the best way to communicate with them. If your business is only online, then investing in traditional media is much less crucial to your digital wellbeing. If you’re a store that targets mainly older adults in a specific geographical location, then using a blend of both methods, but an emphasis on traditional, is most likely the best plan for you.