Tech’s Modern-Day Cinderella Story

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Award-Winning Wellness Invention Makes A Triumphant Return to CES 2020

Founder & CEO of startup Lora DiCarlo discusses wellness tech from CES

CES 2019’s most buzzworthy – and controversial –  product can officially make a showing alongside other innovating tech products at CES 2020! Lora DiCarlo is back at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the largest international gathering of tech in the world, and is making a powerful statement about gender equality and inclusion.

Google Osé, and you’ll find more info about the product from CNET, WIRED, The Verge, Tech Crunch, Interesting Engineering, and other tech publications. describing the nine patents that cover advanced features including micro-robotics, soft robotics, mechanical engineering for biometric functions and advanced material science.

Osé was previously awarded 2019’s CES Innovation award, but then had it immediately revoked with the company banned from exhibiting at future shows. This action drew world-wide media attention from outlets such as CNN, NPR, BBC, The New York Times, etc. In May, the award was ultimately reinstated.

Now, the startup is able to focus on the product’s mission of improving well-being and strengthening relationships.

Lora DiCarlo, the company’s founder and CEO addresses:

  • The startup’s journey to CES 2020
  • Importance of destigmatizing women’s health and wellness
  • The importance of gender equality in the tech industry
  • The strong initial sales of Osé
  • New products from Lora DiCarlo that will be introduced at CES 2020

About Founder & CEO Lora DiCarlo

Lora has over a decade of experience in healthcare, and after an honorable discharge from the US Navy she enrolled in a pre-med program. As a self-described “anatomy geek”, Lora became fascinated with the psychological, physiological, and anatomical aspects of the female climax. While enrolled in school, she designed functional product specifications determined to produce the perfect climax, drawing on years of research and anatomical data she had gathered from hundreds of women. She founded Lora DiCarlo in 2017 and began her journey towards launching new physiologically appropriate women’s health and wellness products.

About Lora DiCarlo
Lora DiCarlo is a wellness tech company fueled by diverse minds who create innovative products that resonate with diverse passions, preferences, and anatomies. The company aims to reshape how people think about intimate tech, underscoring how tech-enhanced experiences can lead to a fuller, richer life and overall greater sense of wellness.

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Press highlights

NPR- “High-Tech Vibrator Ban From CES Show Stirs Claims Of Sexism:

Named TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019é-named-to-times-list-of-the-100-best-inventions-of-2019-300964014.html

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