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An avatar on the assembly line

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SEAT has the only in-company biomechanics lab in Spain aimed at occupational health20 cameras and various sensors capture the motions of workers to study joints and muscular activityVirtual reality makes it possible to design an assembly line even before production begins on a modelIn the past two years the rate of muscle injuries has decreased by 70%  How does it work?: “Technology enables us to recreate the assembly line in our lab facilities. It’s essential that the worker performing the test realistically reproduce the exact motions they would make on the job” explains Sonia García, who is responsible for Ergonomics at SEAT. They measure two…

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Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2019 – An Article

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In 2018, the blockchain landscape was a mix of negative and positive events that were in equal parts hectic, eye-opening and indicative of future developments within the digital currency industry. From the beginning of the year, corporations, venture capitalists, investors, and regulators were locked in a mash of uncertainty. While some would take the year in all its gore and glory as a learning experience, others may have had a much bumpier ride. Several blockchain startups have also emerged in various industries with solutions to some of the biggest problems — from Bitpesa dealing with payment issues to VeChain assisting…

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Fly like an Eagle. Racing Champion Lucas di Grassi joins Allianz in inaugurating the Virtual Reality Experience

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Humans have always longed to fly like a bird, to take to the sky, arms outstretched, with the power and innate grace of the avian masters. While human biomechanics will never allow for the facility of unfettered flight, today’s virtual reality (VR), coupled with robotics and simulation technology, can deliver an experience like never before - fulfilling our ultimate dream of flying like an eagle. Birdly® operators command their full-body VR flight experience instinctively with arms and hands creating an exhilarating experience. Lucas di Grassi said: “I’ve done a lot of VR in my life, from racing simulators to pretty…

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How is virtual reality applied in car manufacturing?

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Martorell, 12/04/2018.–  The world of video games provided the impetus to virtual reality in the 80s and increasingly more sectors are now using this technology, such as the automotive industry. 3D has revolutionised the way to create and develop cars in recent decades. How are these new tools applied to car manufacturing? - Designers with Full HD glasses: These glasses enable them to immerse themselves in a driving experience that is similar to what future customers will have. Although the initial design of a new car always begins with pencil and paper, 3D technology soon comes into play. Thanks to this,…

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Pencil, Paper, Clay…and 3D glasses

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Creative, hand-crafted work and technological breakthroughs such as 3D come together in designing a new model A car begins with 2,000 hand-drawn sketches with pencil and paper Virtual reality glasses turn the sketches into a three dimensional model ​Martorell, 19/05/2017. – Cutting-edge technology and the creativity of a team of 200 designers come together in the design process of a new car. Three-dimensional rendering systems convert the designer’s sketch into a virtual vehicle. However, the hands of a skilled sculptor are still needed to turn an idea into a reality for the first time. These are the steps: -Pencil, paper and…

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Behind the Wheel: how Virtual Reality is building the machines of tomorrow

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Thanks to the rise of new technologies such as Virtual Reality and the increasing capacities of High Performance Computing (HPC), the days of crash test dummies and costly physical prototypes are becoming a distant memory in the automotive and capital goods sectors. The CNH Industrial Design Analysis & Simulation department works internationally, collaborating on the early stages of product development and engineering to map out new agricultural machinery, construction equipment, commercial vehicles and powertrains years before the final products arrive in the marketplace. The latest episode of CNH Industrial’s Behind the Wheel web series takes you backstage, following the two…

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