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A Smartphone on Wheels

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Cars will increasingly become an extension of the mobile phone, enabling permanent, safe connection Promoting sustainable mobility and anticipating driver needs are two future challenges Carsharing and shared use fleets are models of collaborative economy that will become trends in the field of mobility Martorell, 23/02/2017. -On the threshold of the Mobile World Congress which opens next week in Barcelona, SEAT's Chief Digital Officer Fabian Simmer gives some insight into the trends in future mobility: -Complete connectivity: Nowadays we are permanently connected to our mobile phone. The trend is to develop new technologies so that users do not lose this connection when…

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Every Climatic Condition in a Single Chamber

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Materials undergo extreme weather testing in the auto industry to certify their quality and durability Parts are tested at between -40 and 110 degrees Centigrade and can remain up to four months in a chamber that simulates continuous solar radiation  “From the desert heat of the Kalahari to the frigid environment of Lapland. In this room we reproduce every type on climate on Earth” says a technician wearing a white lab coat as he places a dashboard inside a chamber. In the Quality department of automaker SEAT, vehicle parts are tested at temperatures ranging from -40 and 110 degrees Centigrade…

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SEAT Ibiza – A Legendary Car

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About to enter its fifth generation, the SEAT Ibiza has sold more than 5.4 million units 80% of its production is exported to over 75 countries It has been on the market for 33 years and was the car that internationalised the brand ​Martorell, 26/01/2017. - In 1984, Michael Jackson took the music world by storm with Thriller. On the big screen, Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom smashed all box-office records. It was also the year when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was born, and the year the first SEAT Ibiza was launched on the market. Since then, this model has been driving…

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Bringing Performance to the Next Level

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   300 horsepower 2.0 TSI, the most powerful engine in the history of the series. The Cupra ST comes with 4Drive all-wheel drive system with automatic DSG. The new Leon CUPRA contains the most advanced technology in safety, connectivity and multimedia. Production starts this week.​ ​​Martorell, 23/01/2017 - The same thing always happens when SEAT present a new model to the press. The first question is usually the same one; “Will there be a CUPRA version?” Nowadays the CUP RACER acronym has become much more than just a version in the SEAT range; the CUPRAS are much sought after models, the ultimate…

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The Figures Behind Every Car

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Creating a new model requires over six million litres of paint, 1,200,000 kilometres of testing or 55,000 simulations More than 1,000 sketches are made before settling on the final design of a vehicle 80% of the approximately 400,000 cars manufactured every year are exported to a total of 75 countries Martorell, 03/01/2017. – It covers an area of more than 2.8 million square metres, equivalent to 400 football pitches, and produces around 400,000 cars annually. These figures correspond to the SEAT Martorell factory. But what are the specific numbers involved in making a car? Four years elapse from the initial concept…

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Online Reservations of The SEAT Mii by Mango on Amazon.fr with Delivery in 72 Hours a Complete Success

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At the end of the campaign a total of 24 exclusive units of the SEAT Mii by Mango were sold / Customers could easily reserve their car on www.deliverytoenjoy.fr and receive it at their home 72 hours later The #DeliveryToEnjoy campaign launched by SEAT on Amazon.fr, where 15 units of the SEAT Mii by Mango were made available by reservation, exceeded both brands' sales targets and expectations. The exclusive promotion, enabling customers and users to reserve a car directly via Amazon.fr and receive it at their home in just72 hours, ended with 24 units sold. The enthusiasm generated by the campaign…

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25,000 km to the Limit

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– A total of 50 engineers and 40 cars are ready to cover 25,000 kilometres and perform 80 tests in the desert region of southern Spain where daytime temperatures soar to 45°C in the shade. This is extreme summer testing, one of the world’s most demanding performance exams for cars, a genuine boot camp that lasts three weeks. Today it’s the SEAT Ateca’s turn, but what kind of extreme tests are a vehicle put through? Here are some examples. - Traction and controlled descent test. This tests the traction control systems on declines of up to 35% and how the Hill Descent…

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SEAT and the Royal Polo Club make Barcelona the Riding Capital of the World

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Once again this year, SEAT will be the sponsor and official vehicle of the CSIO Barcelona 2016, a world-class riding event to be held from 22 to 25 September at Barcelona’s Royal Polo Club, an organisation to which the Spanish carmaker has remained committed for eight years now as institutional sponsor. This landmark sporting event is framed within the Barcelona Equestrian Challenge, one of the year’s most highly-awaited moments for riding enthusiasts, which puts the Catalan capital in the spotlight to showcase this sport. For the fourth consecutive year, the CSIO Barcelona is hosting the final of the world’s most…

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SEAT MII BY COSMOPOLITAN – This is how they like it

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In 2015, women purchased 64% of all urban cars in Europe, and SEAT is responding to that demand, designing vehicles that appeal to city-dwelling women's preference for “small cars that are easy to maneuver”, explains Vincenza Magliocco, of SEAT’s Product Marketing department, who also points out that this market segment “attaches a lot of importance to design”. Two years after the introduction of SEAT Mii by Mango, the Spanish carmaker will soon be launching another model that is the result of a new collaboration. Called the Mii by Cosmopolitan, it is a car that has been designed for the Cosmo woman, who…

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SEAT And Harvard Join Forces To Promote A Study On Healthy Nutrition

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Barcelona, 18/07/2016.- SEAT and Harvard University are partnering on a new collaborative endeavour. Harvard professor and director of the Occupational Health programme Dr. Stefanos N. Kales, SEAT President Luca de Mea, and Human Resources Vice-president Xavier Ros, met to promote an alliance to carry out a joint research project at SEAT into occupational health and healthy nutrition related with the Mediterranean diet. In addition, this partnership will enable the future creation of a post-doctorate programme specialising in occupational medicine at SEAT under the supervision of professors from this prestigious university. At the meeting, Dr. Kales pointed out that "partnering with…

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