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Pencil, Paper, Clay…and 3D glasses

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Creative, hand-crafted work and technological breakthroughs such as 3D come together in designing a new model A car begins with 2,000 hand-drawn sketches with pencil and paper Virtual reality glasses turn the sketches into a three dimensional model ​Martorell, 19/05/2017. – Cutting-edge technology and the creativity of a team of 200 designers come together in the design process of a new car. Three-dimensional rendering systems convert the designer’s sketch into a virtual vehicle. However, the hands of a skilled sculptor are still needed to turn an idea into a reality for the first time. These are the steps: -Pencil, paper and…

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This is How You Restore a 600 Convertible

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30 people and 1,500 hours spent on fully restoring a unique model on the occasion of its 60th anniversary Close to 1,000 original spare parts and an updated design that respects its legendary uniqueness This SEAT 600 will be displayed for the first time at the Barcelona Motorshow Martorell, 15/05/2017.– The car that put Spain on wheels is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. For this reason, SEAT has restored a 600 convertible, which is exhibited for the first time at the Automobile Barcelona. A team of around 30 people set out to fully modernise, and completely by hand, this…

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Gems on Wheels

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SEAT and Ducati share a common tradition, passion for design and innovation as well as an extensive background in competition racing The combined 150 years of history of both brands are reviewed by Isidre López and Livio Lodi, the two men responsible for the SEAT and Ducati collections, respectively  The SEAT Leon CUPRA, SEAT’s most powerful model, is the official car of the Ducati team in the recently begun MotoGP season Martorell, 06/04/2017.  – Their combined history totals more than 150 years; they share a tradition, passion for design and innovation as well as a long road in the world…

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6 Huskies and 300 Horses

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The endurance of the huskies and the power of the SEAT Leon CUPRA, driven by Jordi Gené, tested on a frozen lake in Lapland  The Leon CUPRA’s 300 hp output makes it the brand’s most powerful model  The huskies can cover nearly 130 km daily at speeds of up to 40 km/h​​ Martorell 22/03/2017. – A sled pulled by six Alaskan and Siberian huskies mesures up against the Leon CUPRA, driven by racer Jordi Gené, on a frozen lake in Lapland; a fun challenge aimed at bringing out the best in each of them: the endurance of these ancestral breeds, which…

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“I Taught The Men In The Factory How To Sew”

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Aurea López was one of the first women to work on the SEAT assembly line nearly 50 years ago She joined the company at a time of massive recruitment of women in Zona Franca in the late 60s Women currently make up 21% of the workforce at the Martorell plant, twice as much as the automotive industry average in Spain ​Martorell, 08/03/2017.- Aurea López, one of the first women to work on the SEAT assembly line, returns to Martorell nearly 50 years after she was hired. That was back in 1969, at a time of massive recruitment of women, around…

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This is How a Gearbox is Made

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SEAT Componentes manufactures 18 million parts every year to assemble more than 660,000 gearboxes 15,000 tonnes of aluminium are smelted every year, enough to make 220 commercial airliners Gears are changed over 500,000 times during the service life of a gearbox Martorell, 03/03/2017.- The SEAT Componentes plant in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, has been allocated the Volkswagen Group’s new MQ281 gearbox, a part that will be made there for the entire world. For the first time, a carmaker has installed POV cameras at different stages of the manufacturing process to show everything involved in making them in an accelerated video…

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A Smartphone on Wheels

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Cars will increasingly become an extension of the mobile phone, enabling permanent, safe connection Promoting sustainable mobility and anticipating driver needs are two future challenges Carsharing and shared use fleets are models of collaborative economy that will become trends in the field of mobility Martorell, 23/02/2017. -On the threshold of the Mobile World Congress which opens next week in Barcelona, SEAT's Chief Digital Officer Fabian Simmer gives some insight into the trends in future mobility: -Complete connectivity: Nowadays we are permanently connected to our mobile phone. The trend is to develop new technologies so that users do not lose this connection when…

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Every Climatic Condition in a Single Chamber

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Materials undergo extreme weather testing in the auto industry to certify their quality and durability Parts are tested at between -40 and 110 degrees Centigrade and can remain up to four months in a chamber that simulates continuous solar radiation  “From the desert heat of the Kalahari to the frigid environment of Lapland. In this room we reproduce every type on climate on Earth” says a technician wearing a white lab coat as he places a dashboard inside a chamber. In the Quality department of automaker SEAT, vehicle parts are tested at temperatures ranging from -40 and 110 degrees Centigrade…

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SEAT Ibiza – A Legendary Car

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About to enter its fifth generation, the SEAT Ibiza has sold more than 5.4 million units 80% of its production is exported to over 75 countries It has been on the market for 33 years and was the car that internationalised the brand ​Martorell, 26/01/2017. - In 1984, Michael Jackson took the music world by storm with Thriller. On the big screen, Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom smashed all box-office records. It was also the year when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was born, and the year the first SEAT Ibiza was launched on the market. Since then, this model has been driving…

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Bringing Performance to the Next Level

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   300 horsepower 2.0 TSI, the most powerful engine in the history of the series. The Cupra ST comes with 4Drive all-wheel drive system with automatic DSG. The new Leon CUPRA contains the most advanced technology in safety, connectivity and multimedia. Production starts this week.​ ​​Martorell, 23/01/2017 - The same thing always happens when SEAT present a new model to the press. The first question is usually the same one; “Will there be a CUPRA version?” Nowadays the CUP RACER acronym has become much more than just a version in the SEAT range; the CUPRAS are much sought after models, the ultimate…

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