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The thousand day journey of a colour

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Each colour, since the time it is created until it is applied on a vehicle, goes on a journey that lasts three years  84 robots paint the cars and a scanner confirms it has been evenly applied Personalisation is a major future trend – just look at the SEAT Arona with its 68 possible colour combinations  Martorell, 17/01/2017. – Three years of research and enough sensitivity to appreciate market trends: “Creating a colour is an inside job”, says Jordi Font from SEAT’s Color&Trim department. Its journey begins with a market study and ends when the paint is applied on the vehicle. In…

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Three decades of development from the first to the latest Ibiza

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The SEAT Ibiza in Ibiza 33 years have gone by from the first generation Ibiza to the latest The design, going from straight lines to a more dynamic silhouette, is one of this icon’s most unique features From the prestigious System Porsche to the 1.5 TSI engine, the most powerful and efficient in the segment Martorell, 04/01/2018.- The first and the latest generation of the SEAT Ibiza are joining up on the island they are named after. Following more than three decades since its initial launch, the differences between the two are clearly evident as they drive side by side…

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Five driving tips for a carefree Christmas

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G​oing out for meals, shopping or visiting friends and family. Christmas is one of those times of the year when people use their car most often, and special precautions are needed at the wheel. In addition, having a car is a tremendous help during the holiday season. What is the correct way to transport a Christmas tree? How should you defog the windows? Javier Delgado, an engineer in the Passive Safety department at SEAT, provides you with several interesting tips: The Christmas tree – where does it go?: It is impossible to imagine Christmas without the iconic fir tree, but…

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Six major differences in 60 years of driving

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SEAT 600 AND MII 60 years after the creation of the 600, cars have gone from featuring no seatbelts or headrests to including airbags and electronic safety systems The 600 and its successor, the Mii, exemplify the evolution of cars in recent decades Making the ‘Little Ball’ took 40 hours, while it only takes 16 to make a car today    

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On the move with the SEAT Arona

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Martorell, 31/10/2017.- When sitting at the wheel of the new SEAT Arona for the first time, you get a feeling of greater visibility and having more control of the road. In addition to featuring the latest advances in connectivity  and safety, this model also reflects the current trend of customization. We get a better look at it with Vicenza Mogliocco, from SEAT Product Marketing, at the wheel of this compact crossover: -A car that suits your personality: The new SEAT Arona allows 68 colour combinations, both for the exterior and the interior of the vehicle. In response to this growing…

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This is how the name of a Car is Chosen

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The name of a new car must match the brand values, product characteristics and be easy to pronounce in most languages Alborán, Aranda, Ávila and Tarraco are the finalist names for SEAT’s new SUV, after meeting all the defined criteria and receiving a positive response from the focus groups in most of the countries The final decision is in the hands of the public, who can vote for their favourite contender until next 25 September ​

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A Day with Aroa González: a Lioness on the Field and at Work

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Aroa González has been combining elite rugby with her job at SEAT for the past 15 years The captain of the Spanish national women’s team is facing her possible last World Championship Three-time European champions, the so-called ‘Lionesses’ will be battling for the title beginning 9 August Martorell, 04/08/2017. – It’s 7 pm and Aroa González has just finished a national league rugby match she has played with her team, INEF Barcelona. She plays in the hooker position, the same as when she is the captain of the Spanish national women’s team, which is known as the ‘Lionesses’. With just enough…

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Chilling with Kankkunen

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• While half of Europe withstands high temperatures, world champion Juha Kankkunen serves up some refreshingly cool images at the wheel of the SEAT Ateca • Kankkunen is driving across the frozen Lake Pikku-Nissi, 200 kilometres away from the Arctic Circle Martorell, 25/07/2017.– High temperatures are sweeping across half of Europe, where in some countries, they are exceeding 40 °C. In order to beat the heat in the height of summer, we are going back to winter for a short spell with world rally champion Juha Kankkunen, KKK, is testing the Ateca on a frozen lake in the north of…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the Arona

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Flying through the air suspended from a cable attached to a helicopter. This is how SEAT showed off its new creation, the Arona, for the first time. And the feat took place in Barcelona, the brand’s home town, where the compact crossover has gone from being a sketch to a full-fledged vehicle. Dangling over the city’s beachfront, residents and bathers alike were treated to this surprising aerial exhibition and got a glimpse of the car’s silhouette, which will ultimately be revealed this afternoon. -A crossover 300 metres above the sea: The Arona spent an hour flying parallel to the Barcelona…

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A Leon in the desert

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Martorell, 02/06/2017. – Rocky ground, dunes, dust and adverse weather. The SEAT Leon X-Perience Titan Desert has driven hundreds of kilometres in one of the most grueling geographic areas of the planet: the Sahara desert spanning Morocco and Algeria. -A 22,000 metre long dune: The route, which began in Errachida, Morocco, and ended in Maadid, Algeria, took the car over rocky terrain, sand and the Erg Chebbi dune. At 22 kilometres long, five kilometres wide and with ridges that exceed 150 metres in height, this is one of the most well-known dunes in the Sahara desert. -Facing the challenge of temperature variation: With…

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