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Leather, thread and dye: cars or books?

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At first glance, binding a book and designing a car have little in common. But when creating a car there are times when state of the art technology gives way to handiwork, scissors and sewing machines. And this is where the two processes overlap. Patience and the constant search for piecemeal perfection are the secrets shared by the artisan professions, even though the end result of one weighs over a tonne and the other just half a kilo. This is how these two apparently different skills resemble each other. It all starts with a piece of paper:  This is used to…

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An avatar on the assembly line

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SEAT has the only in-company biomechanics lab in Spain aimed at occupational health20 cameras and various sensors capture the motions of workers to study joints and muscular activityVirtual reality makes it possible to design an assembly line even before production begins on a modelIn the past two years the rate of muscle injuries has decreased by 70%  How does it work?: “Technology enables us to recreate the assembly line in our lab facilities. It’s essential that the worker performing the test realistically reproduce the exact motions they would make on the job” explains Sonia García, who is responsible for Ergonomics at SEAT. They measure two…

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A century of mobility

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The 100 year history of Automobile Barcelona illustrates the fast-paced evolution of cars and citiesThe transformation affects both vehicle technology and traffic volume, as well as urban infrastructureA few interesting facts include pharmacies used as filling stations, the first traffic lights or an underground garage designed by Gaudí

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A day in the life of an electric scooter

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60% of all trips made by car are under 8 kilometres and electric scooters are a growing alternative in metropolitan areas   They are now a widely used means of transport in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or MadridUsers of the SEAT eXS KickScooter save time and money thanks to this new form of personal transport

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From the recycling bin to your fuel tank

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We all know that there are vehicles powered with petrol, electricity and gas. Now there is a new way to drive engines, and it begins in our household rubbish bin. This is the aim of the Life Methamorphosis project: to achieve biomethane from organic waste, turning it into renewable gas in the following five steps: 1. Recycling. Each inhabitant of the city of Barcelona generates about 1.5 kilos of waste daily. 2.5 million kilos of rubbish every day of which only 40% is recycled. “With all the organic waste that is generated we can produce enough biomethane to power 10,000 cars to travel…

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SEAT celebrates 50th anniversary of 1430 and 850 Spider at the Techno-Classica

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Once again, SEAT will be part of Techno-Classica, the renowned world show for vintage, classic and prestige cars in Essen, Germany. At this year’s edition, the Spanish car maker is showing the variety and diversity of its history with some of the most popular vehicles to have driven off the brand’s production line. Two versions of the 50-year-old 1430 - a first series saloon and a more powerful estate -, as well as a gorgeous example of the 850 Sport Spider – the only convertible SEAT has ever developed and which also turns 50 this year. The SEAT that brought…

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A 6,072-cell battery at -10 degrees

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CUPRA puts the e-Racer to the test in extreme conditions on the ski slopes of Andorra20mm higher suspensions and tires with 420 studs each to drive on snow and iceCold weather is the best ally of the electric system as it cools the batteries The countdown for the debut of the CUPRA e-Racer, the first 100% electric racing touring car in the World, in the new ETCR championship has begun. The Spanish brand's race team is working non-stop on the development of this electric race, putting it through a constant series of tests under the most gruelling conditions. This winter,…

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Recycling the rain test water

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SEAT has succeeded in lowering its water consumption per car produced by 31% in the past 8 years and is moving towards the goal of achieving 38% by 2025The paint workshop and the rain test booth are the areas that consume the most water and where most progress has been madeReducing consumption, recycling and reuse are the pillars for minimizing the impact on the water cycle Martorell, 22/03/2019. - Energy-efficient appliances, automatic sprinkler systems, low flow taps in kitchens and bathrooms… Raising awareness about wasting water has gained ground in people’s homes, but what about in industry? The efforts made by…

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Surfing in the desert

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The SEAT Tarraco undergoes testing on Morocco’s Erg Chebbi, one of the most unforgiving places on the planetDunes that soar to the height of the Sagrada Familia challenge driving assistants such as the DCC adaptive chassis control and the 4Drive all-wheel driveTemperatures ranging from 0 to 50 degrees and varying terrain raise major driving difficulties A dune field measuring 22 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide, featuring mountains of sand, varying terrain and extreme temperatures. This is the challenge facing the SEAT Tarraco in Morocco’s largest desert. - From 0 to 50 degrees in a matter of hours: The desert is one…

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The day the Popemobile was spared

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 With only a few days remaining before the visit by Pope John Paul II to Barcelona and Madrid in 1982, a call came through to SEAT from the Vatican. The vehicle car used by the Pope on his official visits did not fit through the doors of the Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabéu stadiums where the Pope’s main events were being held. So a new model had to be made in a matter of days. The engineers at SEAT rose to the challenge and in record time adapted a Panda, creating a true Popemobile used by John Paul II during…

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