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An inside look at the CUPRA e-Racer

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Looking at what could be described as a multimedia x-ray, a 3D animation takes us on a journey deep inside the CUPRA e-Racer, the world’s first fully electric competition touring car. With a year to go before it makes its debut, we examine the bones of this car and its main components: - A 450 kg battery, the core element: It accounts for a third of the vehicle’s total weight and is a challenge when developing this model, as explained by the head of engineering at CUPRA, Xavier Serra: “The battery determines the entire design and position of the remaining elements”.…

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Engineers in the Arctic Circle

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• Gonzalo Giménez, head of Brakes and Active Safety Systems at SEAT, spends up to 10 weeks a year far from home testing cars in conditions of extreme cold • Like him, every year 150 technicians and engineers head to the Swedish Lapland to perform close to 60 tests and cover 30,000 km • The key to working at -25 degrees is his passion for cars and travelling, and knowing how to adapt to any circumstance Martorell, 04/12/2018. - It’s seven in the morning in a location near the Arctic Circle. Gonzalo Giménez, the head of Brakes and Active Safety…

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300 LEDS behind the lights of your car

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Martorell, 27/11/2018. – Essential safety elements that are also a key design aspect of every model, headlights are to a car as eyes are to a face. More than three years of close collaboration between designers and engineers go into creating the lights of a car. In SEAT’s light tunnel, these specialists carry out all the necessary tests and verifications on headlights and taillights in order to achieve the perfect light that delivers greater comfort and safety at the wheel: - A dialogue between art and technique: “We are constantly in touch with the Design department during the development of…

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15,000 kg of cement to turn the Arona into a sculpture

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Artpiece by street artist Vhils • Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto draws inspiration from the design of SEAT’s most urban SUV to create a unique piece • 15 tonnes of cement, steel, silicone and fibreglass was used on this artwork • On display in the Urban Contemporary Art Museum in Cascais, the sculpture aims to immortalise the lines of the car Martorell, 20/11/2018. - “I wanted to somehow immortalise the design of a car”, admits Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils. This Portuguese street artist has created one of his latest works, ‘Tangible’, a sculpture made with 15 tonnes of cement…

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SEAT showcases its potential on the path to safer, more efficient mobility

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Martorell, 13/11/18. - SEAT is presenting the novelties that will contribute to enhancing the future of urban mobility at the Smart City Expo World Congress, which is being held in Barcelona from November 13th to 15th, the backdrop for addressing the challenges facing cities to promote the global transition towards smarter, more sustainable mobility. Visitors to the SEAT booth at the Expo can discover the new solutions for improving mobility developed by SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona such as ride-sharing and Bus On Demand which XMOBA is going to implement as a pilot test next year; the evolution of the SEAT Cristobal…

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Keys to gaining the maximum benefit from your car lights

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Martorell, 25/10/2018.- Clocks will soon be changing back one hour, and many people are going to make their commute from work to home when the sun has already gone down. Despite there being less road traffic at night, this is when 30% of all accidents take place in Europe. In situations of poor visibility, it is important to know how to use your car’s lights. Maite París, who is in charge of Headlamps at SEAT, explains how to use them effectively: - No reason not to turn on the high beams: They are only allowed on intercity roads with little…

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Every car, precision fit puzzle pieces

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Martorell, 30/10/2018.- A car is made up of 4,000 parts that come from nearly 100 suppliers in different countries. It is a complex puzzle that the Masurement Technology department at SEAT is responsible for fitting together seamlessly. Keep reading to find out the different measuring technologies they use to make it happen: -A meccano set for the perfect fit: Aluminium structures serve as full scale mock-ups that simulate car parts. Different moulds enable the most important interior and exterior parts to be analysed. In the nine months prior to the launch of a new model, the team in this workshop…

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The many challenges facing car seats

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Martorell,18/10/2018.- It is no coincidence that our car seats remain comfortable and sturdy after driving thousands of kilometres or withstanding extreme temperature contrasts. Engineers at the SEAT Technical Centre perform several tests long before manufacturing begins on vehicles. The following are the five most strenuous tests that are carried out in the three year development period of each car seat: -Getting in and out 700 times a day: A diverse group of men and women of all sizes and builds are the team of professional testers that reproduce the action of getting in and out of a car 6,000 times…

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CUPRA creates a new path in the TCR series

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Martorell, 21 October 2018. - The new era of touring car competition has officially started today – WSC Technology has presented the ETCR series, the first ever electric, multi-brand touring car championship that will kick off in 2020. With the e-Racer, CUPRA has done a pioneering work in the TCR racing history by building the first touring car that complies with the requirements of the new ETCR championship starting in 2020. During the past months, the CUPRA team has conducted exhaustive performance tests, confirming the great success. Although the e-Racer weights 400 kilos more than the current CUPRA TCR, it…

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This is how you design an SUV

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Martorell, 09/09/2018. - “It has to be a car that conveys personality, strength and prestige” was the assignment that SEAT Design director Alejandro Mesonero gave to his team. But how do you get a mixture of paints and ground mica to turn into an elegant colour? Or what selection of fabrics makes the interior of a car look sophisticated? Now that the SEAT Tarraco has made its world debut, we discover what is behind the creative process of this kind of vehicle and the keys to what is going to be the company’s new design language: - Love at first…

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