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SEAT and Grupo Sesé link up via drone.

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The SEAT factory in Martorell is the first Spanish plant to receive components via drone delivery. In collaboration with Grupo Sesé, the Spanish carmaker has a pioneering service connecting Sesé’s logistics centre in Abrera with the SEAT factory in Martorell using drones. The first parts delivery service between two production plants in Spain by drone was officially made today, and from now on will continue with deliveries of steering wheels and airbags to the SEAT assembly lines. The pilot project is being carried out under the supervision of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and will go forward…

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A temperature difference of 100 degrees

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From the snow and ice of Lapland to the desert sand of the Sahara, with a temperature difference that goes from -50 to 50 degrees. During the testing phase of a new model, cars are exposed to the most extreme climates to verify their performance at different temperatures and on various surfaces. The goal is to ensure that the vehicles adapt to all kinds of situations. But is driving really that different at such a large temperature span? Similarities Grip: Such different surfaces as snow and sand have something in common - very low tyre grip. “It's essential that he car is…

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Tips for carefree driving this summer

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Europe is preparing for the first heatwave of summer. Sunshine, free time and dozens of trips to the beach or swimming pool. Many of these take only a few minutes, but road safety experts warn of the dangers of these short trips, especially due to driver complacency. Several typical summer habits should be avoided because they are risky and could also lead to fines. Below are seven tips for carefree summer driving. No flip flops or swimsuits: Typical beachwear is not suitable for driving. For example, not only do flip flops diminish a driver's control of the pedals, but they can…

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Would you know how to tackle a dune?

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100 metres. That is roughly the distance that the SEAT Tarraco has to cover. It does not seem like much, but the challenge becomes more complicated when you throw in a 60 degree slope and tons of soft sand beneath the wheels. How do you get to the top of a mountain of sand without failing in the attempt? Stefan Ilijevic, who is responsible for Pre-development, Patents and Innovation at SEAT, gives us the keys to success.

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Streamlining made easy with a supercomputer

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SEAT uses the most powerful computer in Spain, and the seventh in Europe, to improve the aerodynamics of its carsOptimizing aerodynamics improves safety and reduces consumption and emissionsThe goal of this research is to bring simulation and reality togetherScientists from around the world use the MareNostrum 4 to carry out all kinds of simulations Martorell, 29/05/2019. 40,000 PCs all working at the same time. That is the capacity of the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer, the most powerful in Spain and the seventh in Europe, and it is located in Barcelona, at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). This processing power enables it…

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Earth, air, water and fire: the elements of a sustainable factory

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SEAT has reduced its environmental impact by 34% since 2010 and aims to achieve 50% by 2025Pavement that reduces pollution, efficient chimneys or the largest solar plant of Europe's automotive industry are just some of the projectsReducing polluting emission and waste even more is on the horizon thanks to the circular economy Martorell, 05/06/2019. The fight against climate change is a global movement with contributions also being made by car factories. For example, SEAT has reduced the environmental impact of its Martorell factory by 34% since 2010. On occasion of World Environment Day, we take a look at the company's…

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Leather, thread and dye: cars or books?

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At first glance, binding a book and designing a car have little in common. But when creating a car there are times when state of the art technology gives way to handiwork, scissors and sewing machines. And this is where the two processes overlap. Patience and the constant search for piecemeal perfection are the secrets shared by the artisan professions, even though the end result of one weighs over a tonne and the other just half a kilo. This is how these two apparently different skills resemble each other. It all starts with a piece of paper:  This is used to…

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An avatar on the assembly line

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SEAT has the only in-company biomechanics lab in Spain aimed at occupational health20 cameras and various sensors capture the motions of workers to study joints and muscular activityVirtual reality makes it possible to design an assembly line even before production begins on a modelIn the past two years the rate of muscle injuries has decreased by 70%  How does it work?: “Technology enables us to recreate the assembly line in our lab facilities. It’s essential that the worker performing the test realistically reproduce the exact motions they would make on the job” explains Sonia García, who is responsible for Ergonomics at SEAT. They measure two…

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A century of mobility

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The 100 year history of Automobile Barcelona illustrates the fast-paced evolution of cars and citiesThe transformation affects both vehicle technology and traffic volume, as well as urban infrastructureA few interesting facts include pharmacies used as filling stations, the first traffic lights or an underground garage designed by Gaudí

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A day in the life of an electric scooter

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60% of all trips made by car are under 8 kilometres and electric scooters are a growing alternative in metropolitan areas   They are now a widely used means of transport in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or MadridUsers of the SEAT eXS KickScooter save time and money thanks to this new form of personal transport

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