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Copyright law, defending consumers, State of the Union, EU Future

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The European Parliament has approved legislation to help content creators earn their fair share through a stronger EU copyright law, and to stop companies from selling different quality goods under the same brand in different parts of Europe. Parliament also debated Europe’s State of the Union presented by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and the future of Europe by Greek Prime Minister Aléxis Tsípras.

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Brexit, Catalonia, Cybersecurity, EU Fraudbusters

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At its latest plenary session, the EPP Group backed the EU Brexit negotiators’ demand that the UK agrees on the divorce price tag before advancing to talks on trade and future relations. In the parliamentary debate, Group Chairman Manfred Weber said Catalonian independence would mean exiting the EU. Parliament approved a report calling for new measures on cybersecurity, and legislation establishing an EU Public Prosecutor with powers to track down fraudsters who steal hundreds of millions of Euros annually.

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Copyright rules fit for the digital age

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EU lawmakers want to ensure that new copyright rules based on European Commission legislative proposals are fit for the digital age. They want to ensure broad access to online content whilst protecting the rights of content creators. Preventing illegal downloads and finding ways to ensure access to copyrighted material for educational and scientific purposes were among the issues at an EPP Group hearing on this complex issue. There are nearly 1,000 amendments put forward by MEPs that they are sifting through ahead of votes on the law in the European Parliament later this year.  

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Brexit, portability of online content, globalisation

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At the European Parliament’s latest plenary, MEPs debated the EU’s approach to the Brexit negotiations The EPP Group stressed that withdrawal discussions must come first and then partnership discussions afterwards. They also discussed a European Commission reflection paper on how to harness globalisation and passed a law allowing EU citizens to access online content they have bought in their home country in other EU countries.

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The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

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EPPTV presents a lively look at the intrigue behind the signing of the European Union’s founding document, the Treaty of Rome, which was signed 60 years ago on 25 March 1957. The short documentary takes you inside the Palace of the Conservators in Rome where the signing took place and we speak to journalist David Willey, who witnessed it. In the archive video, former French negotiator Jean-François Deniau discusses the inside story of the complex talks and common interests that brought together the six founding members of what is now the European Union of 28 nations. Steven Blockmans of the…

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CETA approved, EU future, Fighting terrorism, Ukraine conflict

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The European Parliament finally approved the EU-Canada free-trade agreement CETA. The EPP Group faced off with Euroskeptics in a debate on the future of the EU, Parliament backed a report calling for stronger action to fight terrorism and radicalization. And Parliament debated what next steps to take in the worsening conflict in Ukraine.  

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Protecting Children in the Modern Digital World

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The European Union is currently working on a reform of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive. It was against this backdrop that MEPs debated how to protect children from the dangers of the digital world at a hearing organised by EPP Group Member Anna Maria Corazza Bildt. She is also the Co-Chair of the first European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights and she said that the debate was a call for action to EU Member States and to industry to do more to help protect and empower children online.

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Single European Railway Network

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After years of negotiations, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU have finally agreed on reforms to Europe's railway network so that there will be no more technical differences between EU member states and passengers will be able to travel between different European cities with a single ticket. The fourth Railway Package has two pillars, one technical and one political. The European Parliament voted on the technical pillar today and on the political pillar by the end of the year.

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