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The amount of people who currently partake in cryptocurrency investment every day shows a rise in the blockchain revolution. It has been reported that trading tokens on platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum add more than 100,000 users each day. As the blockchain industry continues to achieve increased global popularity, more applications of the technology pertaining to several industries including finance, real estate, and even education continue to materialize. The ingress of these applications creates a considerable amount of jobs that need to be filled. To aid the foray of interested individuals in the field of blockchain tech, many American universities…

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Will Bitcoin Crash Again in 2019? An Article

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Bitcoin was all the rave last year, with its high-profit margins and an influx of new investors. However, it is safe to say that over the span of one year, it has matured considerably. Like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin told CNBC, Bitcoin may never have as much hype as it did in 2017 because so many people are now aware of cryptocurrency and how it works. A lot of things have changed in the cryptocurrency sector since over-the-top forecasts were made in 2017, including a $160,000 price estimation for Bitcoin. One of such changes is the introduction of Bitcoin Futures…

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New Cryptocurrencies to Watch Out For in 2019

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2018 ended in a surprising turn of events for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both denominations fell down in value with BTC nearing the $3,000 mark and ETH lingering around $140. While ICOs have yet to experience another peak season, insiders are optimistic that cryptocurrency is still a great investment in 2019 especially with the increased interest of institutions towards up and coming cryptocurrencies. Here are some new and not-so-new players to be reckoned with. Stellar Lumens (XLM) A Stellar Lumen or XLM is the in-house digital currency used in the open-source payment network supported by non-profit Stellar Development…

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