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SEAT and Grupo Sesé link up via drone.

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The SEAT factory in Martorell is the first Spanish plant to receive components via drone delivery. In collaboration with Grupo Sesé, the Spanish carmaker has a pioneering service connecting Sesé’s logistics centre in Abrera with the SEAT factory in Martorell using drones. The first parts delivery service between two production plants in Spain by drone was officially made today, and from now on will continue with deliveries of steering wheels and airbags to the SEAT assembly lines. The pilot project is being carried out under the supervision of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and will go forward…

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Ford Inspection Drones Keep Engine Plant Workers Safely Grounded

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COLOGNE, Germany, Aug. 29, 2018 – Imagine if a simple innovation suddenly allowed you to carry out an arduous – but essential – chore in a tenth of the time it would normally take and without the safety risks of working at height. That’s been the case for Ford employees who are now using cameras mounted on drones to safely and efficiently inspect high-rise gantries, pipework and roof areas at the company’s Dagenham Engine Plant in the UK. Previously, the team carried out this important maintenance work by using automated extendable platforms and scaffolding to check 40-metre-long gantries that support…

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