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Making Travel Seamless with Digital Identity – An Article

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As we dive headfirst into a new digital era, it’s becoming increasingly important that we each take extra measures to protect our online identities. Today, so much of our lives — communication, entertainment, travel — rely on digital technology, and using that tech often requires us to provide data about ourselves. While this is typically a necessary exchange for access, with more traditional technologies, people become subject to identity theft and this creates barriers for both them and the service providers to offer the most seamless experience. After all, the way we authenticate today is based on information “challenges,” and…

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Identity is a Human Right – An Article

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Identity is at the core of everything that we understand about ourselves. And ultimately, it’s what makes us human. In today’s digital age, our identity is even more than that. It’s essential to accessing our accounts and personal data. It’s everything that we own, do, and share. Our digital identity is how we present ourselves to the world and how we interact with it, so it’s important that each of us has control over our own. But in its current state, identity is severely broken. Today, we’re constantly verifying our identities on every platform we use. And with each new…

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