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Five driving tips for a carefree Christmas

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G​oing out for meals, shopping or visiting friends and family. Christmas is one of those times of the year when people use their car most often, and special precautions are needed at the wheel. In addition, having a car is a tremendous help during the holiday season. What is the correct way to transport a Christmas tree? How should you defog the windows? Javier Delgado, an engineer in the Passive Safety department at SEAT, provides you with several interesting tips: The Christmas tree – where does it go?: It is impossible to imagine Christmas without the iconic fir tree, but…

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Christmas X-PERIENCE in Lapland

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Two engineers from the SEAT Technical Centre drive to Lapland in a SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE to personally deliver thousands of letters written by employees' children to Santa Claus They cover more than 4,000 kilometres across Europe on all kinds of roads A festive atmosphere has filled Martina's house for some time. A fully decorated Christmas tree shines in the corner of the lounge where's she's sitting, busily writing the most special letter of the year. Santa Claus is still days away from visiting her home with presents, but Martina has no time to waste. This year is going to be…

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