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Leather, thread and dye: cars or books?

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At first glance, binding a book and designing a car have little in common. But when creating a car there are times when state of the art technology gives way to handiwork, scissors and sewing machines. And this is where the two processes overlap. Patience and the constant search for piecemeal perfection are the secrets shared by the artisan professions, even though the end result of one weighs over a tonne and the other just half a kilo. This is how these two apparently different skills resemble each other. It all starts with a piece of paper:  This is used to…

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The city of cars and people

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Health in the workplace • The medical services operate 24 hours a day, just like the SEAT factory, and attend 15,000 employees • The number of days lost due to work accidents has gone down by 48% thanks to prevention and improved medical services • CARS features a specific unit for women’s health, key for the early detection of cancer

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