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Is Bitcoin Real Money? – An Article

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Is Bitcoin real money? This question is asked everywhere from political debates to bitcoin gambling forums, so let’s explore.  Before we dive into whether Bitcoin is real money, let’s talk about what real money is.  Most of us walk around with the definition that money is simply a commonly accepted medium of exchange. While accurate, this definition leaves a few gaps in our understanding that get wider as we dive into trickier concepts such as digital currency.  THE THREE TIERS OF MONEY There are three generally accepted tiers of money in use today:   M1 – This is the type of money we generally think of.…

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What would you rather invest into – Coin A with a price of $10,000 per coin, or Coin B with a price of $0.08 per coin? Absent of any knowledge of the fundamentals behind the projects, if you’re immediately inclined to invest in Coin B, you probably made that decision because the lower price tag is more attractive and, on the surface, leaves more room for astronomical growth. The popularization of cryptocurrency investing has brought some interesting components of trader psychology to light.  The psychology of cheap coins refers to the tendency for the general public to sway towards digital…

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How Long Does It Take To Mine Bitcoin? An Article

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Bitcoin network has grown in popularity over the last few years, as demonstrated by its daily use. The number of Bitcoin ATMs has also increased globally from 1 in 2013, to 500 in January 2016, to a whopping 5,042 in July 2019. This shows that there is growing demand and interest in Bitcoin as an asset and even cryptocurrencies as a general asset class. But how exactly does Bitcoin work?  Bitcoin is underpinned by blockchain technology, a cryptographic digital data structure. Basically, whenever anyone sends or receives Bitcoin, the transaction is recorded in blocks which are linked together in a chain.  MINING BITCOIN WHAT…

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The different terms thrown around the cryptocurrency world have drummed up a lot of confusion. What’s the difference between a crypto coin and a crypto token? What is an altcoin and why are they referred to as cryptocurrencies? In many ways, the cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, and that’s led to terminology developing and taking hold as the sector evolves. This can still be intimidating for some people interested in the market who are left feeling like they can’t even understand the terms. Don’t worry, we’ll clear up the confusion and explain the key nuances behind these virtual…

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How To Cash Out Bitcoin – An Article

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Although it’s safe to say that Bitcoin is a lot more popular today than it was even one year ago, it hasn’t reached a significant level of adoption compared to fiat money. Even though several products and blockchain projects have been built around it, Bitcoin has continuously shown that it cannot be used as a stable form of money. This has led to regulatory problems, issues with banks, and ultimately, lack of acceptance by businesses. It’s quite common to convert Bitcoin assets into fiat currency to be used for purchasing items. Bitcoin has also proven that it can be a great trade…

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Monero (XMR) is a private decentralized digital currency that ensures the total anonymity of its users and the details of their transactions. It addresses the need to protect one’s identity when carrying out financial transactions and uses a series of cryptographic functions to guarantee this protection - privacy and vulnerability are common concerns with those who use digital assets. Monero, as well as its blockchain, can be downloaded on every popular operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is open source, so anyone can download it. Monero has a rich backstory that has seen it blossom from a shaky attempt at…

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are the frontrunners of the global crytocurrency industry, but some of the best altcoins show investment prospects and can be valuable later on. Just like the case of Bitcoin and other major tokens, the biggest benefactors are the early stage investors. Before becoming an early stage investor, there must be strong signs that the particular asset of interest will do well in the long run. The following altcoin projects show these signs and make great additions to any digital currency investment portfolio. 1.DRAGONCHAIN Dragonchain is a scalable hybrid blockchain platform which also functions as an incubator for blockchain-related startups trying to solve real-world…

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Amazon has been active in the blockchain space for a significant amount of time. From its partnership with Kaleido to create enterprise-facing solutions to the recent launch of two new products (Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain), the firm is continuously on the move. Also in 2016, Amazon web services (AWS), partnered with Digital Currency Group (DCG), one of the largest investors in blockchain startups who has been able to raise funds from other institutional investors. Both corporations, in their partnerships with funded blockchain platforms, have continued to evolve, delving a little deeper into the cryptocurrency industry every day. DCG, hosts Genesis, an…

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One of the most exciting aspects of dealing with cryptocurrency is waiting to see what surprises lay ahead. Every month, there are numerous predictions by industry figures, investors, and cryptocurrency users, but due to cryptocurrency’s inherent volatility, many predictions never manifest. At the beginning of April, there were predictions on crypto news sites and Reddit channels that many new major players would enter the cryptocurrency industry. It's safe to say that this prediction may have come true since Nike just filed a patent for “Cryptokicks," its proposed wallet and collectibles technology. According to the patent, Nike plans to develop a…

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Advertising has become an essential part of promoting any type of business available and even plays a role in driving the data market further. The world of advertising is worth billions of dollars and is on course to hit $120 billionby 2021 in the US. Every company, no matter what they offer, cannot function without reaching their target audience-- this is where advertising comes into the picture. Brands like Google live off consumer data which can be used to send targeted ads to the right audience. Unfortunately, there are several issues that make the process of reaching the right audience inefficient. Currently,…

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