Quarantined and Engaged: They Said ‘Yes!’

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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring at the Right Price amidst a Pandemic
Jewelers say more couples than ever are choosing diamond engagement rings

The coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected the wedding industry in many ways. Large wedding gatherings might be on hold, but what isn’t on hold is are couples showing their love for one another and getting engaged.

According to a report by The Knot, more than 6 in 10 engaged couples say that stay-at-home restrictions due to the coronavirus have strengthened their relationships.

Jewelers say that despite difficult economic times, they are seeing consumers spend more than ever on diamond engagement rings.  The reasons for this include:

  • Increased sense of intimacy and desire to sacrifice for each other
  • More budget available because of canceled weddings and honeymoons
  • Pent up demand to spend after months of nowhere to go

Sally Morrison, Director of PR for Natural Diamonds at De Beers Group explains the latest trends in engagement rings, provide live product demo and display, and discuss:

What diamond engagement rings consumers are choosing now

Why customers are choosing simpler and more classic styles, harkening back to vintage and solitaire design styles. 

The trend of people choosing diamonds of better quality in terms of cut, color and clarity instead of choosing bigger diamonds

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