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DIY Tips & Tricks for Your Best Investment with George Oliphant, Home Improvement Expert

The average U.S. home has appreciated in value nearly 8 percent in the past year and 24 percent in five years, according to RealtyTrace. Increase in appreciation is even greater than 24 percent over the five year period in larger markets!

53% of U.S. adults made some type of home improvement in the past 12 months and 56% who did home improvements, spent $1,000 or more. Americans know the value of their home and are enlisting projects to protect their investment more than ever!

It’s also important to note Oct 8th through Oct 14th is Fire Prevention Week. 1.3 million fires were reported by fire departments last year with the highest number of fatalities since 2008. According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrically related fires were the third leading cause for fires in the U.S., with electrical failure or malfunction serving as the ignition. Updates and maintenance to home electrical technologies is a necessity.

Whether it’s freshening up a room with a coat of new paint, cleaning up the grime and clutter, updating bathroom fixtures, even replacing aging appliances and drafty windows, George has the latest in design trends, safety tips, tricks, ideas and projects for your home.

George discusses:

  • The latest home trends
  • DIY tips and tricks
  • Safety tips

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Host of NBC’s George to the Rescue

George Oliphant is the Emmy Award winning host of George to the Rescue. On the show, he teams up with design and construction experts to help a family or community in need of home improvements. From design updates to brand new kitchens and community centers, George to the Rescue fixes the homes of those in need.

Interview provided by: Broan (ventilation), LG Electronics, Leviton (lighting controls)