How to Improve Your Home For A Record-Setting Renovation Year

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DIY Tips and Tricks from Home Improvement Expert George Oliphant!

Last year saw the most new homes built in a decade – and Americans are projected to spend a near-record $317 billion on home improvement this year! With the housing industry on its most solid footing in years, spring is the perfect time to take stock of your home, inside and out!

Whether it’s a quick-fix or a full-on overhaul, Emmy-Award Winning host George Oliphant gives you money saving tips – as well as the top trends in home improvements this season.

 George Oliphant discusses

  • Affordable, DIY-friendly ways to give your space a face-lift
  • The latest trends in high-tech appliances
  • Improving your interiors, down to the very air you breathe


George Oliphant is the Emmy Award winning host of LXTV’s George to the Rescue. On the show, he teams up with design and construction experts to help a family or community in need of home improvements. From design updates to brand new kitchens and community centers, George to the Rescue fixes the homes of those in need.

Interview provided by LG Electronics, Dyson