High Tech Spring Home Improvements!

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Smart Solutions Enhance Quality of Life AND Save Money

The home improvement industry has been hard at work incorporating new technologies into key elements of your home, and the result is major gains in functionality and cost savings.

Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler will showcase his favorite clean ups and do-it-yourself projects for spring – with a focus on new technologies for the eco-friendly, connected world.

Tom discusses:

Never Fill Your Mower with Gas or Oil Again: Mow your whole lawn with clean, quiet battery operated technology, all for about 10 cents worth of electricity.

Mudrooms Made Easy:  Add the functionality of ceramic tiles to almost any surface without messy mortar or thin set.

 Save Money, Energy, and Trips to the Thermostat:  Smart thermostats are now a must for all homes and at every price point.

 Tom Kraeutler is co-host of the nationally syndicated home improvement radio program The Money Pit, and author of My Home, My Money Pit:  Your Guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure.  He earned his home improvement stripes as a professional home inspector, amassing over 20 years experience learning how houses are put together, and how they fall apart!

This interview is sponsored by Greenworks – battery operated lawn and garden tools, Carrier – smart thermostats, Lumber Liquidators,  – ceramic click lock flooring, LED Lighting and Squeaky Door Productions.