Green Up While You Clean Up This Spring

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Tom Kraeutler Offers Tips to Save Time, Save Money, and Save Energy Inside and Out

Spring is here and the joys of warm weather and outdoor living bring with them the headaches of winter wear and tear.  The Money Pit is here to help you clean up and green up your space without spending a lot of time and money. 

Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler will showcase his favorite fix-ups and do-it-yourself projects for spring – with a focus on improvements that improve quality of life right away AND pay off over time.  Tom will demonstrate:

The Smartest Way to Save Energy:  Monitor energy use throughout your home to identify power hogging appliances and save money.

Next Generation Yard Care:  Give your yard the perfect look without gasoline, cords, or earsplitting noise.

Latest and Greatest in Outdoor Clean Ups:  High tech cleaning tools get the job done quickly for less than the cost of a handyman and an environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner you can buy in bulk and dilute to suit.

Tom Kraeutler is co-host of the nationally syndicated home improvement radio program The Money Pit, and author of My Home, My Money Pit:  Your Guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure.  He earned his home improvement stripes as a professional home inspector, amassing over 20 years experience learning how houses are put together, and how they fall apart! 


  • Winter really did a number on my home and yard. Can you share any fast fix-ups, and where should I start?
  • We all want to be mindful of the environment these days – is it possible to be green without breaking the bank?
  • Everybody is dying to get out and enjoy the spring weather. How can we make our outdoor living spaces really shine?

This interview is sponsored by Sense  – whole home energy monitoring, Greenworks – pressure washing systems, Ryobi – cordless lawn tools, Simple Green, environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and Squeaky Door Productions