Generation change: from the SEAT 1400 to the all-new Leon

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  • SEAT celebrates its 70th anniversary: from the SEAT 1400 to the all-new Leon
  • The SEAT 1400, the luxurious and elegant saloon, marked the birth of the brand
  • Today, the all-new SEAT Leon embodies the spirit of the 1400, taking the company to new places and helping define the segment with its approach to design, technology and innovation

Martorell, 09/06/2020.  Since the very beginning, SEAT has launched vehicles that are designed and developed for the customer and their needs. When the SEAT 1400 was introduced in 1953 it offered a route to greater mobility levels with the stylised look of an American vehicle and the luxury and elegance that people wanted at the time.

Fast forward to today and the all-new SEAT Leon takes the spirit of the brand’s very first vehicle and encapsulates it in one of the most advanced vehicles ever to roll off the company’s production lines at its Martorell facilities.

But how has design and engineering evolved over the intervening 70 years?

Exterior design

Customer demands have shifted significantly over the decades. Where once we wanted chrome finishing and circular headlights, we now need a more integrated approach that merges aerodynamic need and aesthetic purity.

– Front view: Gone are the days of an abundance of chrome highlights and bulbous proportions, design has sculptured the frontal area to mix the needs of aesthetics and aerodynamics, to produce clean, crisp, cool look.

– Rearview: Small, almost invisible rear lights, elongated boots and small rear windows have made way for advanced, dynamic lighting that accentuates the design language of the all-new SEAT Leon.

– Side: Approaches have changed, in the 1950’s the SEAT 1400 demonstrates the tall, upright design, small wheels and an angled side on stance that was all the rage, fast forward to today and the all-new SEAT Leon highlights a more dynamic look, where the rake of the A-pillar, position of the shoulders and crips lines provide a sense of performance and confidence.