Four generations roaring at the same time

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  • The 4 generations of the SEAT Leon tell a story of innovation that spans more than 20 years
  • Created in Barcelona, all have been a reference in design, technology and quality
  • With more than two million units sold among the first three generations, the SEAT Leon is a pillar of the brand
  • The new Leon now takes over as SEAT’s most technologically advanced model

Martorell, 20/07/2020. Each of the four generations of the SEAT Leon has been ahead of its time, while maintaining the same DNA throughout its more than 20-year history. Designed, developed and created in Barcelona, they all share the same essence that has made the Leon a pillar of the brand, and with more than 2 million units sold so far, a legend that continues to grow. “This is the model that put SEAT on the world map of motoring, thanks to its design, technology and quality”, says Isidre López, who is responsible for SEAT’s Historic Car collection.

1st generation (1999), impressive debut. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the first Leon signalled SEAT’s entry in the compact car segment. 

2nd generation (2005), innovative, sporty design. Walter Da Silva gave the second generation its breakthrough design. 

3rd generation (2012), style and quality. Already presented with Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos as head of the Design department, the third generation has a more sophisticated appearance. 

4th generation (2020), the most technologically advanced SEAT. If there is one thing that characterises the new Leon, it’s that it represents an unprecedented technological leap: not only is it the brand’s first fully connected vehicle, but it’s also innovative in terms of safety and lighting