Family car: from the SEAT 1430 Estate to the all-new Leon Sportstourer

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  • 50 years after the SEAT 1430 5-door was born, SEAT celebrates the launch of the all-new SEAT Leon Sportstourer
  • In 1970, the SEAT 1430 received an estate five-door body, a vintage crossover, a saloon with van-like abilities
  • The Leon Sportstourer inherits the essence of the SEAT 1430: comfortable, practical, dynamic but with a low fuel consumption, and mixes this with cutting-edge technology

“There is no room left. Do you still need to bring another suitcase, a ball and two beach umbrellas? Really?” 50 years ago, SEAT wanted to provide a solution to its customers launching an estate body from its 1430 saloon, the premium and most powerful version of the SEAT 124. In those days, the start of the summer vacation trip might not have been very much different from today. Very few travelled by plane and just a few used to take holidays abroad. It was unusual to have a second car in the family. The SEAT 1430 5-door was designed to meet the new needs of the society in those days. The car was not as bulky as the SEAT 1500 Estate, so it was able to handle the cities better whilst the density of the traffic was increasing and finding a parking space was becoming a challenge. The 1430 had a stance, it served its customers as a business car as well as a car for their day to day activities, bringing the children to school and back. At the weekends or on vacation, the SEAT 1430 revealed itself as a dynamic touring car, ideal for hitting the road, and with a big boot to literally load it up to the roof.

50 years later, the all-new SEAT Leon Sportstourer is born from the production lines at the Martorell facilities. It is a car that is very spacious, dynamic, but even more efficient, safe and advanced than the 1430 Estate was in its time.