Euro NCAP Launches Road Map 2025 In Pursuit of Vision Zero

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Since its establishment in 1997, Euro NCAP has been the catalyst for significant and sustained advances in automotive safety. Our independent crash tests and continuously evolving assessment protocols have given consumers the knowledge they needed to help choose safety and an estimated 76 thousand lives have been saved in the EU as a result.

Today, during our 20th Anniversary celebrations, Euro NCAP launches its Road Map 2025, setting out for the first time the programme’s priorities for the mobility and technological revolution the auto industry is just beginning to experience. Our objective is to offer clarity and confidence to motoring consumers, highlighting new automated driving technologies and raising awareness of their benefits whilst also helping to ensure their safety potential is fully realised.

The Road Map outlines a timeline for the introduction of key protocol enhancements, including:

Primary Safety

Driver Monitoring (2020), Automatic Emergency Steering (2020, 2022), Autonomous Emergency Braking (2020, 2022), Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange and Vehicle to Infrastructure (2024)

Secondary Safety

Whiplash/Rear-end Crash Protection (2020), Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (2022)

Tertiary Safety

Rescue, Extrication and Safety (2020), Child Presence Detection (2022)