Easy Ways to Clean Your Mustang – An Article

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Mustangs are great cars. Many people can own and trick them out to look or perform however they want. Regardless of the motive, maintaining your Mustang is still an important aspect of owning this type of car. Check out these easy ways to clean your mustang inside and out.

Cleaning the Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of your Mustang simply requires a wash and polish. If you feel up to it, you can invest in a new vinyl wrap or paint job too. Otherwise, when cleaning your car, make sure the body is cool. Use a proper cleaner that won’t scratch the surface. You can find specialty cleaners for the body, wheels, and other specific parts. Use a hand sponge and clean dish rags for the wax. Use only a quarter-sized amount and apply the wax in multiple layers. Your Mustang will look fresh and bright under the sun with this new makeover. If you do decide to use a new vinyl wrap or paint, know that these come at an extra cost and require additional time and labor. Still, these can hide any light scratches or dents on the car’s body.

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the interior is another easy way to clean your Mustang. Start by removing the floor mats. Vacuum under these mats to collect dirt and debris. If your floor mats are in an unsuitable condition, replace them with new ones. Then use a foam cleaner for the carpet and upholstery. Use car wipes to sanitize your dash, steering wheel, and console as well. Another often neglected part of car cleaning is cleaning inside the engine bay, specifically, the Mustang’s mass airflow sensor. Disconnect the negative battery cable and MAF sensor before removing the intake tube. Once you have removed all parts, clean the inside of the MAF with a lint-free cloth. Avoid touching the sensor itself. Check the housing unit for dirt and debris. Use a cleaning spray to thoroughly clean the sensor and hot plate. Let everything dry, then carefully reassemble the