Contact-free, vandal-proof and eco-friendly – the hydro-alcoholic gel bollard arrives on the streets of France

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While the COVID-19 crisis is hitting France hard, AMCO/LBA Group has been busy dreaming up ideas and practical solutions to fight the coronavirus virus or to simplify the life of the French. Miss Clean, its new patented bollard that disperses single doses of hydro-alcoholic gel, contact-free, is the result. 

Miss Clean is the only bollard of this type equipped with an anti-vandalism system in an urban environment. Miss Clean is the result of 30 years of know-how of the company AMCO Les Escamotables, a company of the LBA group and national leader in the design and manufacture of retractable bollards and totems in urban environments. 

Miss Clean was born from the ingenuity of a young design office and the help of a team highly motivated to fight COVID-19. It is made of 95% with materials that the company was already using. 

“The progressive installation of Miss Clean bollards in urban areas will therefore make it possible to fight the COVID-19 virus at a lower cost. These bollards will surely soon become part of our environment in the long term and will change the morals of the French so that the occasional use of hydro-alcoholic gel will become a habit in our streets.” says Hélène Lorenzi-Hardouin, Assistant General Manager at LBA Group.

The Miss Clean bollard is to date the only hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser to space out its distributions of disinfectant solution to avoid the abuse of users. With Miss Clean, dispensing by automatic hand detection of 15,000 doses is optimised. The management logic by PLC between 5 and 15 seconds, allows the public to benefit from a disinfection without abuse. A dose is thus distributed thanks to an infra-red hand proximity detector. The data is then transmitted, by ModBus – TCP/IP or 4G, to the manager to inform him of the number of doses distributed, the filling rate and the number of remaining doses. 

The new Miss Clean bollard, made in France, is a response to the challenges of this health and economic crisis. Its potentially solar-powered power supply and its rechargeable dose function make it ecologically reasonable to use. And the use of this bollard allows companies to make financial savings since it reduces the need for employees to distribute hydro-alcoholic gel at store entrances and to city staff in urban areas.

Totally customizable, whether in the colours of a city or a brand, the bollard adapts easily to its environment. As proof, Miss Clean is already a great success. Only a few days after its design, the Grand Lyon has already ordered some to be installed as early as Monday in several places.

Available in 3 versions (on rechargeable batteries, power supply or solar power) Miss Clean has a high-strength steel structure and LED lighting. Everything has been thought of, if the bollard is not used for a short time, such as at night, Miss Clean is equipped with an anticoagulation system of the hydro-alcoholic gel in case of prolonged non-use so that it can be used at any time.