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An avatar on the assembly line

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SEAT has the only in-company biomechanics lab in Spain aimed at occupational health20 cameras and various sensors capture the motions of workers to study joints and muscular activityVirtual reality makes it possible to design an assembly line even before production begins on a modelIn the past two years the rate of muscle injuries has decreased by 70%  How does it work?: “Technology enables us to recreate the assembly line in our lab facilities. It’s essential that the worker performing the test realistically reproduce the exact motions they would make on the job” explains Sonia García, who is responsible for Ergonomics at SEAT. They measure two…

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A century of mobility

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The 100 year history of Automobile Barcelona illustrates the fast-paced evolution of cars and citiesThe transformation affects both vehicle technology and traffic volume, as well as urban infrastructureA few interesting facts include pharmacies used as filling stations, the first traffic lights or an underground garage designed by Gaudí

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Driving innovation through the digital revolution

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EPP Group MEPs are helping drive innovation in Europe by boosting funding for Horizon Europe and promoting 5G connectivity and the cloud. The Group has also backed moves to improve access to finance and easing bureaucracy for start-ups and SMEs. 

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No more ‘’cowboy’’ banking: making European banks stronger, safer

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The EPP Group has led the charge to make banks safer in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Over the last term, EPP Group MEPs have spearheaded legislation regulating money markets, securitisations and benchmarks – which are key to making sure taxpayers won’t be forced to bail out ‘’cowboy’’ banks again. 

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A day in the life of an electric scooter

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60% of all trips made by car are under 8 kilometres and electric scooters are a growing alternative in metropolitan areas   They are now a widely used means of transport in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or MadridUsers of the SEAT eXS KickScooter save time and money thanks to this new form of personal transport

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International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde and famed Naturalist and Broadcaster David Attenborough are drawing links between the natural world and the global economy and calling for action to avert the worst impacts of climate change, plastics pollution and mass extinctions. In an event at the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, Lagarde asked Attenborough about the environment and how the economy is connected to it. “You are in charge of global nature. Let’s just assume for a second. And I’m in charge of the global economy, just for a second. What’s the connection between us,” asked…

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Boosting funding for Erasmus+ and free Interrail for youth

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The EPP Group has been a major force behind expanding the Erasmus+ program to include more kinds of students in universities as well as trade schools and sports programs. It is pushing for a tripling of the Erasmus budget and expanding a pilot programme offering free Interrail passes to youth on their 18th birthday to discover Europe.

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The CUPRA lighthouse

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The meeting point of the winds is the name given by the people who live on Majorca to Cape Formentor, which is the northern most tip of the island. A spectacular coastal road, flanked by cliffs rising to 300 metres, leads to the lighthouse that crowns the summit of the cape. For the first time, the CUPRA Formentor is driven in the landscape that inspired its design. Sculpted by the wind: The wind and waves shape the steep cliffs of Cape Formentor every day. This changing seascape inspired CUPRA exterior designer Alberto Torrecillas to create its streamlined silhouette. “Wind sculpts the rocks,…

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Seven Earn the Highest Rating in Latest Safety Tests

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Today, Euro NCAP publishes the safety ratings of seven new vehicles, among which three have made their first appearance this year: Audi’s first fully electric model, the e-tron, Volkswagen T-Roc’s smaller brother the T-Cross and the hybrid Lexus UX.  Euro NCAP also releases the results of the new Mazda 3, the Renault Clio V, and the latest Toyota Corolla and RAV4.  All seven cars achieved the maximum five-star rating against the latest test requirements. As more and more new energy vehicles are entering on the market, four vehicles of the batch were tested as other than petrol or diesel variants.  Audi’s new 4x4 was assessed as full electric and…

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Fifteen years ago when Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin created what would become Facebook, it would have been difficult to picture just how powerful that project would eventually become. When Facebook opened its doors to the public in 2006 and began its journey in the shadows of social networks like Hi5 and MySpace, there wasn't the slightest hint that it would exist in today’s era of digital currencies, much less create its own. But development has brought Facebook a long way, and with it, millions of users. Facebook was originally intended as a social networking site in which users could…

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