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Amazon has been active in the blockchain space for a significant amount of time. From its partnership with Kaleido to create enterprise-facing solutions to the recent launch of two new products (Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain), the firm is continuously on the move. Also in 2016, Amazon web services (AWS), partnered with Digital Currency Group (DCG), one of the largest investors in blockchain startups who has been able to raise funds from other institutional investors. Both corporations, in their partnerships with funded blockchain platforms, have continued to evolve, delving a little deeper into the cryptocurrency industry every day. DCG, hosts Genesis, an…

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  2 weeks ago     125 Views     Comments Off on MONTHLY REPORT: APRIL CRYPTO HIGHS AND LOWS – An Article  

One of the most exciting aspects of dealing with cryptocurrency is waiting to see what surprises lay ahead. Every month, there are numerous predictions by industry figures, investors, and cryptocurrency users, but due to cryptocurrency’s inherent volatility, many predictions never manifest. At the beginning of April, there were predictions on crypto news sites and Reddit channels that many new major players would enter the cryptocurrency industry. It's safe to say that this prediction may have come true since Nike just filed a patent for “Cryptokicks," its proposed wallet and collectibles technology. According to the patent, Nike plans to develop a…

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Green Up While You Clean Up This Spring

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Tom Kraeutler Offers Tips to Save Time, Save Money, and Save Energy Inside and Out Spring is here and the joys of warm weather and outdoor living bring with them the headaches of winter wear and tear.  The Money Pit is here to help you clean up and green up your space without spending a lot of time and money.  Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler will showcase his favorite fix-ups and do-it-yourself projects for spring - with a focus on improvements that improve quality of life right away AND pay off over time.  Tom will demonstrate: The Smartest Way to…

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  3 weeks ago     178 Views     Comments Off on TITANIUM BLOCKCHAIN: WHY IT FAILED – An Article  

On May 22, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint against Titanium Blockchain, an Israeli start up in the middle of its ICO at the time. According to the SEC, the firm had violated the commission’s registration and anti-fraud regulations in the process of raising funding from investors. Charged with securities fraud, company founder, Michael Stollaire stands accused of falsifying information. Allegedly, the company was caught claiming false ties to large firms like Boeing, Disney, and PayPal. WHAT IS TITANIUM BLOCKCHAIN? According to their official website, Titanium Blockchain is a research, development and consulting company that…

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra On Strike

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The musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra are now in the second month of a work stoppage. Despite record attendance and profits, management is seeking to change the pension plan of the musicians. CSO supporters fear that as the strike drags on they will lose musicians to other orchestras, and that the quality and standing of the CSO as one of the world's greatest orchestras will suffer.

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  1 month ago     89 Views     Comments Off on A NEW AGE FOR DIGITAL ADVERTISING WITH BLOCKCHAIN? – An Article  

Advertising has become an essential part of promoting any type of business available and even plays a role in driving the data market further. The world of advertising is worth billions of dollars and is on course to hit $120 billionby 2021 in the US. Every company, no matter what they offer, cannot function without reaching their target audience-- this is where advertising comes into the picture. Brands like Google live off consumer data which can be used to send targeted ads to the right audience. Unfortunately, there are several issues that make the process of reaching the right audience inefficient. Currently,…

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Safer, more sustainable food production on land and at sea

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To ensure food security in a sustainable way, the EPP Group has written and backed legislation that improves conditions for farmers and fishermen. Reforms to the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) provide more funding for younger farmers and small farms, cuts red tape and supports a food production chain that is fairer to farmers.

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  1 month ago     47 Views     Comments Off on SMALL HIGH RIDERS CONTINUE TO IMPRESS  

After the three large off-roaders tested in February, Euro NCAP today releases the safety ratings of two smaller SUV’s: the new Citroën C5 Aircross and the Range Rover Evoque. The C5 Aircross is the latest addition to Citroën‘s Aircross family of crossover compact SUV’s and replaces the C4 Aircross which stopped production in 2017.  The C5 Aircross offers most safety equipment as standard, including a forward-looking camera to enable driver assist functions, and has achieved 4 stars in Euro NCAP safety tests.  The rating increases to 5 stars with the optional Safety+ Pack that adds a radar sensor to the camera to enhance…

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From the recycling bin to your fuel tank

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We all know that there are vehicles powered with petrol, electricity and gas. Now there is a new way to drive engines, and it begins in our household rubbish bin. This is the aim of the Life Methamorphosis project: to achieve biomethane from organic waste, turning it into renewable gas in the following five steps: 1. Recycling. Each inhabitant of the city of Barcelona generates about 1.5 kilos of waste daily. 2.5 million kilos of rubbish every day of which only 40% is recycled. “With all the organic waste that is generated we can produce enough biomethane to power 10,000 cars to travel…

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SEAT celebrates 50th anniversary of 1430 and 850 Spider at the Techno-Classica

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Once again, SEAT will be part of Techno-Classica, the renowned world show for vintage, classic and prestige cars in Essen, Germany. At this year’s edition, the Spanish car maker is showing the variety and diversity of its history with some of the most popular vehicles to have driven off the brand’s production line. Two versions of the 50-year-old 1430 - a first series saloon and a more powerful estate -, as well as a gorgeous example of the 850 Sport Spider – the only convertible SEAT has ever developed and which also turns 50 this year. The SEAT that brought…

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