Airspeeder: World’s First Flying Electric Car Racing Series Makes Giant Leap Forward

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London, England & Adelaide, South Australia 

  • Electric flying car racing imminent as Airspeeder completes first round of funding 
  • First manned test-flights to take place in 2020. First GP season details coming soon  
  • New Technical Base established and London commercial office fully operational
  • Race series will rapidly accelerate the development of electric flying cars

“Electric flying cars are a coming reality that will liberate our cities and answer the long-term mobility challenges we face. Nothing drives technology as fast as competition. The F1 racers of the early 20th century possessed a pioneering spirit we are harnessing today to rapidly accelerate progress.  This seed investment represents a significant leap forward in the next great mobility revolution.” 

Matt Pearson, Founder, Alauda & Airspeeder 


Alauda, the performance electric flying car company and its racing series, Airspeeder is poised to go racing following the successful completion of a seed investment round. This progress represents significant steps forward in their aim to accelerate the development of electric flying cars through sporting competition. 

Airspeeder delivers on the promise of a future proposed in science fiction and gaming. Inspiration from the latter will take the form of a cockpit, furnished with latest augmented reality technology to assist the pilot in navigating the course. 

Airspeeder will be the most exciting and progressive motor sport on the planet. Elite pilots will use the sky as their playground in intense head-to-head competition. Multiple teams and manufacturers will be provided the hardware by Alauda as a turn-key solution but afforded freedom to set strategy and draft pilots. The roster of teams will include established names in racing and entirely new entrants to motorsport who are enticed by the fusion of intense sporting competition and next generation technology.

This approach will create the close and intense sporting competition traditional motor sport fans crave.  

The Speeders are propelled by the latest electric powertrains co-developed with technical partners drawn from the elite motor sport world. This state-of-the-art form of propulsion will accelerate a zero-emissions future. Rapid electric pitstops and short, intense head-to-head competition will serve the requirements of a generation, native to Esports.

Our audiences will be hooked by the visual excitement of close proximity racing, soundtracked by the roar of racing octocopters manoeuvring above the most visually arresting landscapes on the planet. 

Final ‘manned’ tests of the Speeders are technically ready. These flights will take place in the desert surrounding the firm’s HQ in South Australia once restrictions relating to the global health crisis are lifted. First head-to-head dual races are planned to take place in late 2020 with first locations to be announced shortly.


A technical facility has been established in Adelaide, South Australia. The region is rapidly taking its place as a global centre of space and aerospace technology with its surrounding deserts the perfect place to test both manned and unmanned flights.

The facility will be both company’s technical base and will house a growing team of engineers and technical specialists drawn from the leading names in aerospace, motorsport and engineering including Rolls-Royce and Babcock Aviation.

A global commercial base in London, England has also been established. It provides important proximity to key technical expertise in motor sport, aviation and the UK’s furtive and rapidly expanding electric powertrain development industry. Airspeeder will shortly announce technical partnerships in powertrain development, sensory technology and composites with some of the leading names in motor sport, aviation and technological engineering. 

London is also the perfect place from which to engage with the global investment community, the entertainment industry and key sponsors. EQUALS, a leading FX and money management firm and German logistics company, DHL have both significantly backed the firm with support and funds.