5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hybrid – An Article

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Are you still driving a gas-powered vehicle? Are you weary of switching to an all-electric vehicle? Hybrid cars are powered both by gas and electric engines for those still stuck in between. Here are five reasons why you should buy a hybrid and ditch your old gas-only car.  

Power Performance  

It’s a common misconception that hybrid cars have less horsepower, making them slower than standard vehicles. This idea is due to hybrid cars having smaller engines. However, hybrid cars have a small gas engine with an electric motor which translates into optimal power.  

This extra boost from the electric motor means you won’t have to sacrifice power for a hybrid vehicle. You likely won’t even notice the difference on the road.  

Increased Fuel Economy  

While there are many simple ways to increase the fuel economy of any vehicle, buying a hybrid car sets you up for success from the start. When a hybrid car is running on its battery alone, no fuel is being used. The small, compact engine of the car also contributes to making hybrids lighter. A lighter car requires less fuel power when running on gas, saving you from frequent stops at the gas station.  

High Resale Value  

Hybrid cars are a high-tech phenomenon in the car space. For this reason, hybrids hold a high resale value. Their depreciation is far less than gas-only vehicles, making the initial, more costly sale worth it in the end.  

Government Incentives Galore  

Hybrid and electric cars are greener transportation options. For this reason, government agencies offer rebates and incentives for drivers to make the switch. In New York, drivers who buy a hybrid car can receive up to a $2,000 discount and a $7,500 tax credit.  

No More Idling  

Having to leave your car idling in traffic wastes gas and creates greater environmental risks, such as smog. For those who often find themselves contributing to this problem, hybrid cars cut idling by having the ability to turn your engine off and back on when stopped in traffic. This, once again, improves your fuel efficiency and is better for the environment.  

These five reasons why you should buy a hybrid will change the way you view your gas-consumption car. For a better driving experience, make the switch to a hybrid.